Angeltouren Spanien in Presse und TV

Angeltourismus und Meerestourismus, der in Spanien nach der Covid boomt Nachrichten, Videos und Berichte von auf Angeltouren Spanien (Pescaturismo)

The companies and operators involved in "fishing tourism" and "sea tourism" activities, which allow travelers to accompany and learn about the work of fishermen and shellfish, are registering a strong increase in reservations and facing the summer with good prospects for the future. "We are overwhelmed, excursion reservations have risen to pre-Covid levels," declares the person in charge (CEO) of Fishingtrip, Pepe Martínez, who assures that the activity is experiencing a moment of "exponential" growth. Fishingtrip is a technological platform based in the Balearic Islands that brings together fishermen and companies from the entire Spanish coast in around twenty boats, through which reservations are channeled digitally.

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