Angeltouren Spanien in Presse und TV Nachrichten, Videos und Berichte von EFE auf Angeltouren Spanien (Pescaturismo) Nachrichten, Videos und Berichte von EFE auf Angeltouren Spanien (Pescaturismo)

Die Regierung finanziert die Auslandsförderung des Angeltourismus als neue Marke Spaniens

The National Fishing Tourism Network takes off, whose promoters are the Sustainable Tourism Consortium of the Western Coast of Huelva, Pescaturismo, Turismo Marinero Murcia, Fundación Expomar, Grupo Abica, Ader La Palma, Ociomar Torrevieja and Fundació Promediterrània, and whose purpose is the foreign promotion of fishing tourism as a new brand of Spain through the formula of a product club and the creation of a website (Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, English, French and German), which encompasses all tourist activities directly linked to the world of fishing and shellfishing piloted by sea professionals.

The project is financed by the Government of Spain with funds from the European Union recovery program "Next Generation", within the call "Spain Tourism Experiences" of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Nachrichten, Videos und Berichte von EFE auf Angeltouren Spanien (Pescaturismo)

Der Meerestourismus oder Pesca-Tourismus wird in diesem Sommer bei voller Expansion um 10 % wachsen

Reservations, visitors, invoicing and projects to turn tourists into fishermen for a day are growing by "double digits" on the Spanish coasts, according to data from the main platforms and consulting groups related to this activity.

The digital reservation platform Pescaturismo, which brings together businesses throughout the country dedicated to offering on-board trips or other activities with fishermen or shellfish, has registered a 10% increase in visitors and turnover in 2023, as stated by its director (CEO), Pepe Martinez.

Among tourists, the reservations made by foreigners stand out except in Galicia, where the public is mostly Spanish, according to what the person in charge of Pescaturismo, based in the Balearic Islands, has assured Efe; The origin is generally European, although there is also demand from American clients. Nachrichten, Videos und Berichte von EFE auf Angeltouren Spanien (Pescaturismo)

Der 'Pescaturismo' und der 'Meerestourismus', die in Spanien nach der Covid boomen

The companies and operators involved in "fishing tourism" and "sea tourism" activities, which allow travelers to accompany and learn about the work of fishermen and shellfish, are registering a strong increase in reservations and facing the summer with good prospects for the future.

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