Angeltouren Spanien in Presse und TV Nachrichten, Videos und Berichte von TVE auf Angeltouren Spanien (Pescaturismo)

Pescaturismo ist in Mode

The TVE newscast embarks with Pescaturismo in Mallorca with the fishermen Olga and Carlos and a family of tourists from New York.

Pescaturismo gewinnt den Preis für verantwortungsvollen und nachhaltigen Tourismus von Fitur

The TVE news reports that Pescaturismo wins the award for the best international initiative in Responsible and Sustainable Tourism from Fitur.

Die berühmteste Familie auf TVE geht mit Pescaturismo fischen

The RTVE program "My Family in the Backpack" embarks with Fishingtrip in Alcúdia with the fishermen Olga and Carlos. ​

Ein eigenartiger Fischer von TVE

The well-known journalist and comedian Ramón Arangüena from TVE's 'Aqui la Tierra' team embarks with Fishingtrip Mallorca with Olga Capote in Alcúdia to become a peculiar 'Fisherman for a Day' for a few hours.

Pescaturismo: Eine Insel innerhalb der Insel

The influential TVE program 'El Escarabajo Verde' puts Fishingtrip an example of sustainable tourism compared to mass tourism.

TVE fischt Tintenfisch mit Pescaturismo in Cala Ratjada

TVE embarks with the traditional fishermen of Cala Ratjada and Fishingtrip to discover all the secrets of squid fishing in Mallorca.

TVE startet mit Pescaturismo in Alcudia

The 'TVE España Directo' program embarks with Fishingtrip in Alcúdia to learn about tourism fishing excursions and is fascinated by the story of the fishermen couple Olga and Carlos.

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